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Benefits of paper cup machine

There are two paper cup machines,

  • BM 10000 paper cup machine – faster machine to make upto 60 cups/min
  • BM Ultra paper cup machine – budget machine to make upto 50 cups/min

Why Orbital Paper cup machines?

As the best Paper Cup Machine Supplier or Paper Cup Machine Dealer , We've made continuous efforts to keep up the standard of our goods, and we've taken vital steps for making certain that our services and products are made in an environmentally accountable way. As a way to make sure the standard of the paper cup system, we've employed a excellent control strategy. All accessories have been thoroughly analyzed. High precision manufacturing supplies improves operation efficiency and guarantees that the reliable functionality of these services and products. We as Paper Cup Machine Supplier do our best to save money without sacrificing quality. We've established longterm concerted relationships with several out sourcing factories near. This cooperation saves time and reduces labour costs to our corporation. Additional our location provides us with suitable accessibility to airports, highways etc, reducing shipping costs for the customers and ourselves. Additionally, this makes it possible for us to send our merchandise instantly and causes it to be suitable for clients.please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Rugged frame structure
  • BM 10000 weight-2000 kg’s | BM Ultra weight 1500 kg’s
  • Low noise levels
  • Less vibration
  • Can operate even in 1st floors without affecting the structural stability of the building
  • Precision components aiding consistent quality
  • High quality branded products that helps in long years of operation
  • Low maintenance and long life of operation
  • Good resale value

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Motor used –

  • 5 star rated motors from top Indian brands( Elgi & CR Motors )
  • Motors with warranty
  • Easily serviceable
  • Long life
  • Less power consumption
  • Low maintenance

Wearing parts –

  • Moving parts are heat forged & hardened
  • Resistance from abrasion
  • Minimal wear & tear- Long life

Service availability –

  • In operation at Paper cup manufacturing industries all over India
  • Well trained & experienced service engineers
  • Branch offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad & North India
  • Low downtime & increased productivity

Spares Availability –

  • Popular branded components used & are easily available even in tier 3 cities
  • Spares available even in local markets
  • Well spreaded out service support to reach every corner of India

Value –

  • Low initial investment
  • Low maintenance due to high quality build
  • Excellent value in second hand market.
  • Good value for refurbished machines

Warranty –

  • The machine covers a warranty of one year that shows the manufacturers confidence of their product.

Special Features


Apart from Paper Cup Machine Dealer or Paper Cup Machine Supplier, The Orbital PC1000i system is predicated on App Logic Control(PLC) technology. With this particular technology complications in electric systems are low which contributes to less denying and wastage of newspaper. A Multitude of engineering creations featured from the system guarantees dependable, economical Highspeed functionality.

Mode of operation

The machine has two modes of operation.

1. Automatic

2. Manual


Auto sensor

The machines functionality is tracked through an automated detector control system containing of five detectors. The sensors continuously monitor the manufacturing procedure and stops the system in the event the newspaper cup isn't discharged, if background not present, in case underside paper isn't present or if the finished paper cups aren't removed beyond a particular count. This technique can help in reducing the wastage and cup rejection. At case of any malfunction throughout the manufacturing approach, the system will probably soon be automatically powered down. This technique ensures that the durability of their system components.

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